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Welcome to our Buckeye Firearms Association friends! If you are visiting us today from our FaceBook ad or the BFA page you are entitled to a FREE Phone Consultation, and if you choose to move forward you will get one FREE session.

We cover the cost of AMMO and provide the firearm. You must call before the end of the day OR fill out the contact form on the site and select FaceBook as the referral.

Call 513.283.0074 Today for a FREE Consultation.



Welcome to Elite CCW!

One of the most important things about training to us is that students are challenged. It is not just about pointing and shooting, it is about trigger control, aim, breathing, and knowing how to place the round upon command.

Annette is a new Student who has become very proficiant at placement on command. We are also working with Annettes young twin boys. Safety, Safety, and Safety.

This week if you request a consultation your first session will include AMMO! As always you never pay for range time and can use our firearms. You do not need a firearm to get started.

Welcome to Elite CCW, a ZassCo, Inc company.

We are dedicated to helping introduce people to the wonderful world of Firearms. No matter if you are interested in Personal protection, recreational shooting, or simply the occasional use of a firearm we are here to help.

Our clients range from Young Adults, to Single Mothers, and even young children. We take a hands on approach to our instruction which allows us to find out exactly what our customers are looking for and what they wish to accomplish.


Deciding to arm yourself is a very personal decision.
At ELITE CCW we understand this more than most. This is why we hold most of our classes for CCW in the privacy of our clients home or office. We come to our clients as opposed to you having to be instructed with strangers. This is WHY ELITE CCW

Do I need a firearm to have instruction?
NO! We have a wide variety of firearms available for you to use as part of the training. As a matter of fact we recommend against purchasing until after you have taken the class and decide what is best for you. We are here to help in that process as well.

Ohio CCW Information Center
I am afraid of guns but really want to have one in my house for protection.
We hear this all the time. Remember this... once you understand how a firearm operates the chances of having an accident is very rare. Most accidents with firearms occur due to ignorance. We will take you step by step with your chosen firearm. If you do not have one you can use one of ours for classes and we will help you decide which type of firearm is right for you.


  • Keep your firearm pointed in a Safe Direction at all times.
  • Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to fire.
  • Keep your firearm unloaded and secure until ready to use.

By following these three very basic, simple and important rules you should never experience a problem with a fireare. Lack on safety will result in and accident.

Call Paul today for more information and to arrange this FREE Introduction. 513.283.0074

Ask about group rates! Learn together... Our main goal is to help you become confident that you can handle a firearm yourself. Group sessions let you and a friend, or friends learn together.

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